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About Us
Bringing You more than 25 years of organic proeduce with full cooperation and loving support of Mother Earth. From the same beautiful location in the Methow Valley, North Central Washington

As a special service for LOCAL residents of the Methow Valley Each week we offer an assortment of fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your home may pick them up at our place. All produce is checked for quality, washed & bagged. This is an extended outreach to bring the small certified organic farms in the area to your door.
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             Sunny Pine Farm... Finest Organic Products
     Ed and Vicky Welch are committed to providing their customers with only the finest organically grown products. As an early participant in the Washington State Department of Agriculture's Organic Certification Program, Sunny Pine Farm in the Twisp River Valley strives to provide the highest quality produce and prepared products. 

     Sunny Pine offers dried fruits like- tomatoes, apples, & pears. All fruits are certified organic and pesticide-free, packaged in sealed food grade gussetted poly bags for extended shelf life, with a card stock label. Perfect for snacking and backpacking, as well as in cooking. 

     Organically grown Spanish Roja garlic is A Sunny Pine's specialty. Sold in a convenient powde form, easy to use when your time is limited... or sold fresh in bulbs by the pound. During all seasons there are 14 varieties of delicious potatoes, onions and winter squash available for your enjoyment. 

Standard Fulfillment-From Receipt of Order:

We make our products when nature supplies the materials. All orders are filled from inventory, generally within 2 working days.
Shipping &. Handling: UPS, Federal Express, USPS.
Payment Requirements: Cash, Check, Money order After first order, we will accept net 30 days.
Quality Assurance: Products are continuously tested. Our alcohol, used in the extracts, is tested for purity.
We check field soil for nutrient profile and add nutrients when necessary.  We use foliar feeding and introduce
beneficial microbes from compost tea periodically. If at any time you feel your product is not of the highest quality, return the unused portion for a full refund upon inspection.                                      See our complete product list below.

Sunny Pine Farm's Products 
currently has 7 product lines available as well as several others 
in the process of development.  They are listed as follows
To order simply click above on the order button
This product is Echinecea Angustifolia which has a very potent medicinal purpose.  We grow our own in our certified organic field as well as produce our own alcohol for the extraction process through our sister company Sunny Pine Distillery.  We chose to grow this particular species as it is a non-specific enhancer of immune function.  It also has a long history of use (both internally and externally) against the bites of venomous insects and snakes, and helps alleviate the swelling and pain of bee sting.  Previous years we have used the blossom to produce the extract and this year we will be using the root.  The root takes three years to develop properly and this will be out first root crop year.  We have planted yearly crops to ensure a harvest each year.
Grown organically in our garden, this herb acts as a regulator of menstrual 
cycle for women as well as calming to the nerves.
This is the most important Native American Pacific Northwest anti viral herb.  Works where other anti-virals fall short. We wild craft for this and take care as to not harm the future production of it.
Target buyers for these product are companies that sell natural healing products. These products can also be sold to companies interested in purchasing bulk unlabeled product or we can put their label on it. Materials and equipment used in producing this product  include farm equipment, bottling equipment, and a distillery.  All of which we currently own and operate.  We order bulk bottles wholesale as well as labels.   There are currently five people involved in the process of making the extracts as well as contracted farm labor for field upkeep.
1 oz       bottle            $7.00 
2 oz       bottle          $12.00
4 oz       bottle          $20.00
 8 oz       bottle        $32.00 

 We currently grow Lavendula Officinalis which is a
species that has a high medicinal content.  It contains less of the perfume
and more of the beneficial healing properties.  Target buyers are primarily women as
Lavender is already a favorite.    They are great for the Christmas season.  We make several
products from our own certified organic lavender which include the following
Minimum order=12 each item

Body mist

This is lavender water packaged in a Cobalt Blue glass container with a fine mist sprayer and cap.  It can be used as a facial astringent to tighten the pores, pain reliever for sunburns or an after shower refreshment enhancer.

Per bottle price $7.00

Eye Relaxers
This is a pouch made of lavender blossoms and flax seed sewn into a muslin cloth with a separate outer lining made of silk.  This is great for relaxing any tension and for headaches, or for an overall feeling of calm. The outer lining comes in a variety of colors.
Per pouch price $15.00
Bath Teas 

This is a lavender filled muslin bag with a long tie string that can be hung onto the bath faucet.  This is a bath time delight to relax muscles and bring about a feeling of peace.

Per bag price $2.00

These are small pouches of cotton material filled with lavender blossoms.  These are used to keep your drawers smelling fresh and to repel moths.  They can also be used in your vehicle.  They come in a three pack

Per sachet price $4.00


This is a product made from our own Lavender, Comfrey, and Yarrow and local beeswax.  It it great for skin burns and extremely dry skin.  It comes in a 1 oz container.

Per container price $4.00

 We currently offer tomatoes, apples and pears.  We grow our own
tomatoes and purchase the apples and pears from other local organic
farmers.  They are all certified organic from small farmers.  Our goal in this endeavor is to
combine efforts with other farmers and make our crops profitable as well as encourage
people to support the small scale organic farmer.  Targeted buyers for these products are
consumers looking for pesticide free quality food.  All of the fruit is packaged in
food grade gussetted poly bags and sealed for shelf life.
Minimum order is 12 each of any item below

2 oz bag dried tomatoes   $3.00
4 oz bag dried tomatoes   $5.00
2 oz bag  dried apples   $3.00
4 oz bag dried apples  $5.00 
2 oz bag  dried pears   $3.00
4 oz bag dried pears  $5.00
2 oz bag dried plums  $3.00
4 oz bag dried plums   $5.00 
3 oz shaker  garlic powder  $6.50
Per Pound 1-10 pounds Spanish Roja Garlic   $6.00  50+pounds $5.00
Potatoes* Onions*Squash .60-$100 per pound

We have two kinds to choose from.

 1.  Garden Delight Basket - This is filled with 1 dried tomato bag, 1
dried apple bag, 1 dried pear bag, 1 dried plum bag, 1 dried nectarine bag, 1 large garlic
bulb, 1 bottle of Echinecea extract, and 1 Echinecea seed packet.  This is in a lovely
keepsake basket with cello wrap.  $35.00

2.  Purple Passion Basket -  This is filled with 1 body mist, 1 eye
relaxer, 1 three pack sachet, 1 bath tea, 1 lavender seed packet, 1 lavender salve.  This is in a
lovely keepsake basket with cello wrap.  $40.00
Baskets may be interchangeable upon request.  Prices will vary according to
product content of basket.

ROSE PETAL HONEY JAM -  One very distinctive product that we produce is rose
flavored honey from wild rose blossoms collected in the Methow Valley with
locally produced honey.  Target markets for this product are Gourmet Restaurants
and Specialty stores.  They come in a 4 oz jam jar with cloth patches over the top.  This
is a very distinct gift. $5.00 per 4 oz jar.
Minimum of 12 jars ordered.

 We are furthering development of this product into different flavorings.  This is one that we will be able to utilize the Certified Community Kitchen in order to process.  Quantity on this product will be somewhat limited as it is seasonal, however, this year we plan on making at least 100 cases of 12 jars per case.
  ALSO... See seasonal produce offerings under proper categories

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